Elder/Senior Care Resources (02)

Transitioning Receiving Care to Providing It: Caring for Elderly Parents
The tables have turned for many adults taking care of their aging parents. Your parents have aged and the roles are reversing, which may or may not include illnesses or other ailments. Itís now your turn to provide them with the care they need. This site features variety of scenarios as you embark upon this challenge and youíll find answers to nearly all of your questions including hospice information, Alzheimerís resources, advance medical directives and how to make the transitions carefully and with respect.

Senior Care: Assisted Living and Caring for Seniors at Home
Are you caring for an elderly patient or parent? This site has everything you need to make sure that your home has everything that a senior citizen needs, or that you choose the right assisted living center for your loved one. With so many choices, this site puts it all into perspective so caregivers can help their patients or parents decide which long-term care option is best for them. Sections on long-term care, assisted living, nursing homes, and caring for seniors at home are included with helpful tips and tricks.

EMedTV.com Offers Comprehensive Chiropractic Research Info
For consumers looking for chiropractic research completed from 1994 through mid-2003, EMedTV.com has a web page with brief summaries of a number of studies. Consumers will also find links to general information and statistics on chiropractic care, information on who and how this medical practice is regulated, and supporting topics such as back pain, sciatica, whiplash, and back surgery. If you've been diagnosed and prescribed medication, there are helpful links to learn more about those typically used to assist with back-related issues, such as acetaminophen with codeine, Amrix, Endocet, Flexeril and more.

Solutions for Caregivers of Elderly Parents
Caring for an aging parent, elderly spouse or other senior citizen you know can be difficult, so this site gives solutions for daily living with aging parents. Products for aging parents are sold here, as are resources on Medicare and support groups for caregivers of aging parents. Some recommended books on aging and caring for the aging are included, as is a section about symptoms of aging. The symptoms section includes information on how to tell if youíre having a heart attack, symptoms of a mini stroke, womenís heart attack symptoms, Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms, signs of dehydration, symptoms of depression and stroke symptoms. A good hub of information if youíre caring for an elderly parent.

Caregiver Support Online: Forums, Chats and More
Are you caring for an aging spouse, relative or neighbor? This site will help you take better care of your aging friend, while making it easier on you. There are monthly chats where you can get support from others, including information on Alzheimerís and dementia care, home care and independent living, insurance coverage for senior citizens, legal and financial information for the elderly, healthy aging, senior residential options and transition information. A forum provides a place to ask questions and share thoughts with other caregivers from around the world, and a useful section on Homecare Doís and Doníts is also useful. Plenty of information is here, ready for caregivers to use the support available to them.

Here's the site: CaringForMySenior.com

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