Elder/Senior Care Resources (01)

Elder Home Care and Caregiver Support
This website features a directory of elder home care and senior health care providers. You can also find assisted living, independent living and senior care facilities in the United States, as well as get legal information on elder law and elder citizen-related legal issues. There is a section on elder financial issues, elder travel, senior medical information and the latest senior-related news items are also included.

Helping You Choose
Founded in 1951, the Joint Commission's mission is to improve public health care. The General Public section of The Joint Commission website offers several useful information guides for seniors. They having a number of written booklets starting with the title Helping You Choose... or Helping You Identify..., on such topics as quality long-term care, quality laboratory services, the hospital for you, quality home care and hospice services, behaviorial health care and quality ambulatory care. The site also has Speak Up Videos on topics such as reduce your risk of falling and taking medication safety. The Joint Commission also publishes books, such as Patient 101: How to Find Reliable Health Information, Speak Up: Help Prevent Errors in Your Care and You: The Smart Patient: An Insider's Handbook for Getting the Best Treatment.

See A Chiropractor in Action
This web page from About.com offers the basics on chiropractic care in a visual format—using photographs to detail a variety of typical adjustments used by chiropractors to alleviate and resolve back and neck pain. Click on a thumbnail and you’ll see an up-close image of chiropractic care in action, ranging from shoulder to neck, upper and lower back adjustments. The web page also includes helpful links to related articles on chiropractic care—even a video link to a chiropractic session.

Caring for Elderly Parents: A Checklist
If you’re going to be taking care of an elderly parent, this useful list can help you ask everything you need to properly assess their needs, get permission to handle finances and other legal issues, keep proper information on hand, and take care of yourself. It recommends that you respect your parent or parents’ independence, even when taking care of them; allow your parent to make as many decisions as is appropriate; have reasonable expectations of what your parent can do; talk to your parent about their concerns, desires and frustrations; make informed decisions; and show compassion.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Seniors
Alzheimer’s disease is becoming more common as baby boomers enter their senior years, and information and research on this condition are vastly expanding. This site includes information on how to detect Alzheimer’s disease, legal and financial issues associated with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, providing Alzheimer’s disease care, exelon and more resources and tools for coping with Alzheimer’s disease. Information for healthcare professionals is also included. Site features content from the Mayo Clinic.

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