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UIM - Union Internationale Motonautique
The Union Internationale Motonautique or UIM was formed in 1922 to oversee all power boating events across the world. Recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), UIM is also a member of the Association of the IOC Recognized International Sports Federations (ARISF). With a mission to gain financial independence, global exposure, and increased media presence, UIM has signed agreements with promoters dealing with power boats. UIM is now tasked with the responsibility of developing the future of this Sport on behalf all national bodies while nurturing a safe, thriving, and inclusive sporting environment. In 2016, with the support of independent promoters in five continents, UIM enhanced its global reach and organized 142 powerboat racing events globally.

F101: Everything you need to know about Formula One
This resource from Digital Trends offers a comprehensive guide on Formula 1 races. This site can serve as a ones-stop knowledgebase for Formula 1 races for both novices and experts. Although somewhat hampered by World War II, the Formula 1 and he Grand Prix races regained their lost glory soon after October 1947, when FIA declared Formula One as the new top series from 1948. The current day Formula 1 and Grand prix race showcase diversity, rare talent, and super performing cars. There are very few car racing enthusiasts in this world today who would miss a Formula 1 race.

Once and for All, Why NASCAR is a Sport
There has been an ongoing debate for several years, with opponents stating that NASCAR is not a sport. However, this opinion is finally being laid to rest with this informative and lucidly written article on IndyCar Series website. The article points out that NASCAR stock cars are not the same as regular cars that people drive. They are more aerodynamic, sturdier and of course, more expensive. They are built to help drivers withstand the intense G-force they experience during driving. The interesting nuggets of information in the article makes you see NASCAR for what it is - a grueling motor racing sport that requires drivers to be in top physical condition.

Site for U.I.M. Formula 1 (F1) H2O World Championship
The official site for U.I.M. F1 H2O World Championship communicates the fun, challenge, excitement, and intense competition associated with Formula 1 Powerboat Racing through the digital content contained in the site. The news, articles, blog posts, photos, videos, and opinion pieces have all been carefully archived to uphold the grandeur of this flagship international series. This world championship series usually showcases the leading powerboat race drivers of the world racing through hairpin turns at over 90mph. The site viewers will probably get a sense of the spine-chilling excitement of this sporting event after viewing the photographs and videos preserved on this site.

The Top 5 Motorcycle Racers of All Time
This Ride Apart article introduces the five greatest names in the history of motorcycle The Five extraordinary bike racers, according to the author, are not only talented and determined but also exemplary human beings with lofty dreams. These five individuals can serve as benchmarks for other motorcycle racers to follow, and have certainly stood the test of time as great sportsmen. Even if the readers of this article disagree with the choice of five selections in the list, this article should be read by all motorcycle racers, fans, and enthusiasts.

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association
The Goodguys Rod & Custom Association produces some of the most glamorous automotive events in the U.S. Founded in 1983 by Gary Meadors, a popular hot rodder, Goodguys is globally the largest organization for hot rodding with more than 70,000 active members. The exhibits that this association typically showcases in events are trucks, cars, colored hot rods, and Goodguys AutoCross. The Goodguys offer more than 20 annual events across the U.S. They attract between 30,000 and 100,000 auto lovers to their spectacular events. The live entertainment featured in these shows remain a talk of the town for a long time after the events.

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