D.I.Y. Home Lighting Projects

24 DIY Light Bulb Projects (Photo Gallery)
Non-working light bulbs are usually considered as trash, but this photo gallery of light bulb projects will prove to you that you can still use them. All of the 24 brilliant ideas here are very easy to do as long as you have a very creative mind. Some bulbs were transformed into wonderful flower vases, while others were used as containers and decorative items especially for Christmas. One particular bulb was converted into a mini aquarium, while another one was used as earring. However, it was noted that you should be very careful when dealing with bulbs because they contain glass and chemicals.

Create Your Own Lighting Modifier on a Budget
If you are a photographer like South African-based Fred van Leeuwen, you probably have a small studio setup in your own home. Of course, you need a softbox, which is probably every photographer’s favorite lighting accessory. But why shell out almost a grand to buy your softbox when you can make one yourself? In this Fstoppers article, van Leeuwen tells about how he was able to make a softbox by following the book Tinker Tubes Personal Lighting Systems written by Dean Collins, the late lighting guru. The softbox is not just economical – it is also mobile, easy to set up and easy to store.

21 Easy-to-do DIY Lighting Ideas
If you want to create your own wonderful lighting designs for your home but you don't have any idea, check these 21 creative DIY lighting projects. Among them are hemp string pendant lamp, stainless steel pendant light, book lampshade, snowball wall light, bamboo orb pendant lamp, folded paper lamp, tree branch chandelier, faux capiz chandelier, glass bottle pendant lamp, diamond ribbon lampshade, ruffled ribbon lampshade, drop cloth lamp, candle holder pendant shades, recycled wine bottle torch and many more. Most of these projects have easy-to-follow instructions and the set of materials that you need.

The Lighting Research Center: Advancing the Effective Use of Light for Society and the Environment
This homepage for the Lighting Research Center is divided into three sections: LRC Programs, Research Topics, and Education. The LRC Programs section offers detailed information about the different projects on which the LRC is currently working. Current projects include: Light and Health; Lighting Futures; Lighting Metrics, Lighting Transformations; and Outreach Education. The Research section of the site offers comprehensive information about the different research projects that are currently taking place at the LRC. Many of the reports are available for free in a downloadable .pdf format. Current research subjects include ballasts, controls, daylighting, lamps, architectural, commercial, institutional, residential, outdoor, and security lighting. The Education section of the site details the country's first and only university-accredited program leading to a master of science in lighting. Topics in the Education section include information about the graduate program; admissions and financial aid information; student life and alumni information; lighting seminars; and their online education program.

Here's the site: DIYLightingProjects.com

Or see samples of home lighting design.

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