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What You Should Know About Investing in the Hotel Industry by Motley Fool
This Motley Fool article provides many interesting statistics about the global hotel and lodging industry. The article also talks about investment options in the hotel industry that spans form independent owners with single hotels to huge hotel chains with hundreds of hotels spread over the globe under a common management. According to this article, the U.S. hotel industry boasts 4.9 million hotel rooms with annual sales volumes surpassing $155 billion. On the other hand, the global hotel industry revenue stands between $400 billion and $500 billion. The Hospitality Properties Trust has invested about $7.7 billion across 300 hotels and 185 travel centers in the U.S. and Canada. Host Hotels & Resorts, another chain, owns different brands like Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, and Le Meridien. Read this article to collect more interesting data about the global hotel industry.

Commercial Real Estate News from World Property Journal
One thing that separates a smart investor from the rest is his or her ability to keep a tab on things that are happening around the world. This in particular is of importance if you invest in real estate. In real estate, numerous factors come into play at macro and micro economic levels. For instance, do you know that a policy change by U.S. Treasury will affect expansion plans of an MNC that you hope to sell your land to? Thus, if you want to know what news you should be aware of while investing in commercial real estate, simply log on to World Property Journal, your one stop shop for all commercial real estate news.

Spain—Unlocking Europe's Hottest Hotel Market
Dated July 2015, this CBRE Report highlights that though the Spanish economy is now firmly grounded on a path of recovery and the bank interest rates are steadily rising, this country still provides ample opportunity for real estate investors seeking huge profits. The promising commercial real estate investment sector is hotel. The hotel industry is gradually becoming a lever for economic growth. The substantial growth of International tourists and global celebrity tourists is now opening up new opportunities in the commercial real estate market. The full paper discusses the expectations for future performance and investor returns in the key Spanish markets.

Will Brexit Mean Boom for Miami Real Estate Market?
This Local 10 article shows how real estate experts are positive about the Brexit impact. Developers anticipate that the real estate market in Florida will experience a boom in foreign buyers. With a stable real estate market, Miami assures to rule this industry. Builders also confirm that buyers who once favored properties in London are now making a move to Miami, as they consider it to be a safer and valuable investment compared to the former. With an annual increase in property dealings from four to ten percent, it goes without saying that Florida real estate is a precious option across the globe.

Hotel Investment Forum
The Berlin Conference site introduces the 20th International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF)to be held in Berlin, Germany, between 6 and 8 March 2017. The IHIF event lasts for three days, and attracts over 2,000 hospitality and tourism industry influencers, investors, leaders, operators, and decision-makers from over 70 countries around the globe. IHIF provides a common platform to attendees to close deals or make very important decisions in those three days. IHIF focuses on delivering opportunities to anyone connected to the hotel and tourism industry or to someone interested in doing business in this sector.

Your Investment Property Magazine—Australian Real Estate
Your Investment Property is an authoritative webzine in the Australian real estate market sharing valuable information and guiding property owners all over Australia. This magazine stands apart from other publications in the industry because they conduct primarily data-driven research to guide the prospective real-estate investors. All articles or reports published by this magazine are backed by in-depth research and current market data. The property market experts who contribute to this magazine are real-estate market analysts with proven experience in a particular area of the real-estate investment business. Thus, smart property investors in Australia will find this magazine an indispensable resource for all their investment decisions.

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