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Does the List Created with Your Bulk Mail Software Entitle You to Nonprofit Postage Rates?
If your nonprofit organization is sending out mass mailings, the number of names on the list you created using your bulk mailing software is important. This informative web site explains that organizations that meet criteria set by the United States Postal Service can submit an application to qualify for a break on the cost of postage. Find out the steps involved in making the application here, including where you can download an application form. or a best-price guarantee on the leading bulk mail software programs that are CASS and PAVE certified for USPS discounts, see MailersMVP, serving the direct mailing marketing industry for nearly 20 years.

How to Have a Beautiful and Functional Home Office
A home office should not only be functional, it should also look beautiful, and home office expert Lisa Kanarek offers 10 tips on how you can achieve it. In her article at, Lisa explains the importance of choosing the right space. It can be a rarely-used dining room, a spare bedroom or any area that has no destruction. And because sitting down for a long time in front of a computer, she suggests considering a stand-up desk instead. The other tips discussed about having the appropriate lighting, making use of wall, choosing an ergonomically correct office chair, having an organized space, and including some plants to help reduce stress.

10 Tips for Auto Body Repair
This informative article lists numerous suggestions for getting the best possible auto body repair work done following an accident. They include suggestions for shopping around, what consumers need to know about replacement parts and how to find out about the auto body repair shop's record before handing over the keys to the car. Possibly the most important tip is that the owner must sign off on all repairs before any work is performed. If you're in need of body repair Los Angeles, visit Westwood Auto Body on the west side of LA, on Westwood north of Olympic.

How to Market Your Small Business
This article offers links to extensive tutorials with information and advice on marketing a small business from scratch. Topics include market research, goals and tactics, budgets, marketing plans, recommended books, etc.

Priceline for Cheap Car Rentals
Priceline is a great place to get a deal on travel reservations, and consumers can also get preferred pricing on rental cars. You will find the process of reserving a car an easy and convenient process. The site has partnered with a number of national car rental agencies, including Budget, National, Hertz and Avis. Make a point of checking out Priceline the next time you are looking for rental cars in Los Angeles. For an cheap car rental Venice Beach, visit Marathon Car Rental, an independent that'll pick you up within a 3-mile radius of its Marina del Rey location, serving Culver City, Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Rent A Wreck LA is good for car rental in Los Angeles, 20 years old or younger.

Productivity Tech Tools
This newsletter features information about tools for running and effective and profitable business. Many tools are great for home use, as well as larger businesses. Topics include merchant accounts and shopping carts, updating your website without knowing HTML, organizing your computer files, organizing your home office filing system, saving money on taxes, wireless electronic data, software for organization, creating online assessments, formatting emails and a book-marking solution to make your Internet time more efficient.

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