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New York Institute of Art + Design
The website for the New York Institute of Art + Design offers design tips and trends articles, including information about lighting, history of art, using colors to decorate your home, color trends, using flowers to decorate, business tips for designers and decorators, decorating children's rooms and more. On the school's website you can also get information about student success tories, a newsletter, and even learn about the different courses, such as the complete course in Interior Design. It is for people who want to become a professional interior designer, or who want to earn money as a freelance decorator, or for experienced designers who want to stay up to date and learn new skills, or even for lay people who love design and want to decorate their own home like a professional.

20th Century Architecture And Design Photos
This site, run by the Library of Congress, has more than 29,000 photographs of the Northeastern United States, New York City, and even Florida from 1935 to 1955 by famed architectural photographers Samuel Gottscho and William Schleisner. Scroll down and click on Collection Connections to get a good idea of how to navigate this impressive collection of some of the greatest historical photographs ever taken. Look at scenes of financial landmarks such as the New York Stock Exchange (1955) or Macy's Department Store, or tour middle and upper middle class homes of the area through an extensive collection of stunning photographs, or view the 1939 New York World's Fair through some of the most breath-taking photography you have ever seen. Each photo comes with a well-written and informative description. This is a truly unique site, filled with superlative images of a time gone by but thanks to sites like this, never forgotten.

12 Room Decorating Tips on
In this article by award winning designer Judith Taylor at , you will discover 12 tips on how to decorate a room. One of her unusual advice is to choose a paint color for the house only after all your stuff are already inside your house. Besides giving some breathing room for furniture, Taylor also offers three different ways on how you can arrange them on your rug. She also suggests creating a focal point and varying of scale and proportion. For her tenth tip, Judith shows an example of a kitchen where adding layers of lighting was properly done. Lastly, she recommends going with something personal in decorating a room and not to always follow every design guidelines.

Get Tips for Buying Indoor, Outdoor Electric Fireplace
Whether you are looking for something indoor or outdoor, an electric fireplace is a practical and decorative way to stay warm. This informative article provides hints for making the right choice for your needs in by listing options in a clear and concise manner. If you aren't sure what your options are, this is a helpful resource. It covers classic fireplaces and corner fireplaces. You may also want to consider a gel fireplace for outdoor use. An electric fireplace is a popular choice for consumers.

HGTV on Home Decoration
Home and Garden Television isn't only a fun station to watch, the website has a wealth of information about decoration ideas, tips and how-to's. Sections on gardening, decorations, travel tips, decorating glossary, crafts, remodeling and more. The trends section includes fall gardening basics, designers portfolios, real estate basics, outdoor living and room planners. A menu of show airtimes is included, as is a section on kids crafts. Interactive home decoration message boards and chat rooms are available as are home decoration newsletters and an interactive library.

Christmas Decorating
Few times of the year bring out the desire to decorate more than the Christmas Season, and this site is filled with many informative and inspirational articles on the history of Christmas decorating as well as tips, hints, tricks and advice for turning your home into a Ho, Ho, Ho- me for Christmas. Click on Christmas Tree, Deck the Halls, Winter Greens or Outdoor Lighting and be treated to dozens of articles illuminating every aspect of the festive Christmas Season. Help bring even more joy into your home this Christmas Season by incorporating some of the charming and beautiful ideas from this site into your home.

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