Uncluttering & Organizing Home Space

Kitchen Organization 101
The kitchen is the hub of the home. It is the place we gather to spend time with family and friends. Many of us do our main entertaining in an open floor plan that has a kitchen/family room combination. As a result, the kitchen has become the most difficult room in the house to keep clean. Tips include developing an organizing plan for your kitchen, which includes areas for preparation of food, cooking, baking and cleaning. Purchase inexpensive storage solutions and find creative ways to use kitchen items you already own. Toss out what isn't needed, as in expired herbs, yeast and baking powder, then clean the kitchen. Using efficiency in kitchen design is also essential for organizing a kitchen.

Huge List of Decluttering Ideas on HGTV.com
In this page at HGTV.com is a very huge list of tips and tricks on how to declutter a home. This includes decluttering a kitchen, bathroom, living room, kid's room, entry way, home office, and closets as well. If you are a parent, there is a separate article that has great tips on learning how you can teach your children clean their own rooms. There are posts that offer advice on how to organize your freezer and refrigerator, medicine cabinet, junk drawers, and other storage areas. There are also recommendations and ideas on how to do a house makeover if you are planning to sell it, and how to prepare for an open house.

Garage Organization
Is your garage a mess? Is it so cluttered that you can't get your car in it any more? If it is, don't despair. This site has just the information you need to get that garage ship shape. The trick is to get organizers that provide each item in the garage its own place to be, and then to take a little time each day to make sure that everything is back in its place. If you need anything organized, this site has articles covering a wide range of organizational problems such as cabinet and pantry organization, drawer organization, closet and car organization, cosmetic and craft organization, jewelry and wrapping paper organization, a belt organizer, bike storage racks and a lot more. Learn to organize almost anything.

Organizing Tips from Real Simple
A world of organizing solutions at your fingertips, this site has ideas and solutions to help you stay clutter free. Find out if you need to be organized, find a personal organizer, shop for organizing products, grow your own organizing business, and explore organizing links. Products include home office organizers, desk organizers, home office furniture, home office storage products, car organizers, garage and tool organizers, wire organizers, living room organizers, kitchen organizers, and more. The organizing checklist includes sample checklists including bathroom organizing tips, house cleaning checklist, grocery shopping checklists, business travel checklists, consignment tips, clutter control checklists, and closet organizing checklists.

SelfGrowth.com Offers a Wealth of Information to Help You Declutter and Get Organized
If you feel like your life is being taken over by clutter but don't know where to start to get back on track, check out the articles available on the SelfGrowth.com web site. Whether you are dealing with physical clutter in one room for your whole house, you can get the help you need to get and stay on track. The resources available here also provide information about how to deal with the emotional clutter that so many of us carry around daily.

Here's the site: UnclutterMyHome.com

Or see samples of personal organization.

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