Resources for Better Gardening (16)

Gardening and Plant Guides
The Garden Helper is an online showcase of gardening and plant guides for the beginner or the veteran gardener. The website was created "to help budding gardeners discover the joys of gardening by explaining the right way to grow plants and flowers, trees and shrubs in easy to understand language." Check out the gardening guides, plant guides, plants for specific needs and house plants guides. The gardening calendar will help plan what to plant year round.

Hydroponic Growing Tips
The Help Center on this website covers growing tips including nutrient deficiencies, gardening problems. It discusses old fashioned, organic versus modern and hydroponic gardening. Information about carbon max and the nutrient absorption process is included, noting that carbon can be directly taken in through a plant's roots. Plants get more from fertilizer using Carbon Max, according to the article, which contains more growing tips for hydroponic gardeners.

The Garden Link's Guide to Gardening
This Internet gardening guide will help you with shopping for plants and seeds, finding the best bulbs for holly holiday blooms, and every so often a special product will be featured. A spotlight on other websites gives users a chance to learn what types of sites Garden Link likes. And tips on featured books are another tool to help grow any garden. Other garden tools include, bulb planting table, expert advice forums, frost table, garden news, hardiness zone map, landscape software, plant databases and weather.

Hydroponic Propagation Success Rates
This website includes information to increase propagation success rates. Successful propagation is, in essence, simplicity, however there are some guidelines that when followed, can dramatically improve the ultimate success rate. These are listed on this website, including information about conditions and equipment, as well as using rockwool propagation block, light, jiffy pots, temperature and humidity and vermiculite seed-raising mix.

Carry On Gardening
This informative site is a forum and meeting place for people who love to garden and want to carry on enjoying its benefits and rewards. You can start at the Ideas Exchange page where you can tell the site what you think, ask questions and even provide gardening answers. Click on gardening topics and you will find hundreds of ideas that will help you in all aspects of gardening. The tools section has a comprehensive list of gardening tools. Read up on the latest gardening news and check out the links section for extra resources. This useful website has received the National Information Forum's Award for "Getting the Message Across."

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