Resources for Better Gardening (15)

Online Gardening Tips from Bloom Garden Design
This beautiful site, which has been created by Bloom Garden Design, you can receive many garden tips, including designing your entrance. Sign up for the free newsletter to get "hot tips" every month. A section on Landscape projects covers everything from patio garden entrance to commercial building landscaping. Bloom Garden Design even offers their own gardens services.

Gardening Tips, Design Ideas and Planting Techniques
This wonderful resource covers it all. From this guide, you'll learn how to garden like a pro, because all the information and ideas come from experts. There are how-tos and tutorials for every garden task and tips for gardening in every season. Learn about the Garden Design Awards and how you can enter. The site also features a link to pronouncing botanical Latin, a great tool for any serious gardener. There is continuously grow body of articles,e.g., five quick tips for super summer gardens, the fifties art icon—pink flamingos—, and how to grow luscious melons organically.

Better Homes and Gardens Gardening Tips
Are you looking for tips on flowers and plants? Do you want to watch a garden slide show, learn how to plan a garden, get information about growing veggies? How about receiving regional monthly garden tips and techniques? Look no further, this site, maintained by Better Homes and Gardens has it all. Building a Spring Rock Garden? Check out the list of 40 free garden plans.

Growing a Floating Hydroponic Garden
This informational brochure includes information about how to build a flating hydroponic garden. Construction tips are included, as in building a rectangular frame, lining a frame, securing the liner and more. The pictures included illustrate the many steps needed to create a floating hydroponic garden. Container choices, crops and new research is also included in this guide.

Gardening and Plant Guides
The Garden Helper is an online showcase of gardening and plant guides for the beginner or the veteran gardener. The website was created "to help budding gardeners discover the joys of gardening by explaining the right way to grow plants and flowers, trees and shrubs in easy to understand language." Check out the gardening guides, plant guides, plants for specific needs and house plants guides. The gardening calendar will help plan what to plant year round.

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