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Hydroponic Systems Basics
What follows on this website is a hydroponics primer covering the basics of the systems and methods commonly used. Our hope is to give enough information to start evaluating the different systems and choosing the right one for you. This website discusses the types of hydroponic systems available. Media-based systems and water culture systems are included. The specifics about different systems and techniques are also included, as in nutrient film drip watering systems, ebb and flow systems, cloning machines and aeroponics.

The Backyard Gardener
The Backyard Gardener has been providing gardening information for many years on the web. They consider themselves the "one stop informational site", which will help people understand their gardening needs. From gardening plans to plant lists, your gardening knowledge is sure to be enhanced after to visit this site. The best part is that the gardening information is "hands on" info. Can't find what you are looking for on this site, try out their search tool. The site also offers a free newsletter and tips on how to buy a greenhouse.

Better Homes and Gardens
The website of the popular monthly magazine was created to enhance the information that is provided in the print magazine. But it the information also stands alone in value without the print magazine, and the gardening section of the site is one of the premier online resources for gardening information. Choose from a variety of topics: landscaping, flowers, projects, tips and techniques, regional gardening, trees & shrubs, garden care, lawns and garden crafts. Get garden tips via email if you sign up for the BHG newsletter. Expert advice is offered in various categories and you can even check out the store.

How-To Hydroponics
Ths is the website for a popular hydroponics book by Keith Roberto. In it, readers can learn the best kept secrets of building and gardening with high-yield aeroponic and hydroponic systems you can build. Hydroponic gardening is the most productive way to grow all varieties of plants, and those raised in a hydroponic system will exhibit maximum yield, flavor, vitamin and essential oil content. How-To Hydroponics shows each step of the hydroponic growing process with clear photographs and diagrams and includes step-by-step hydroponics system plans to build eight types of hydroponic and aeroponics systems.

Rod's Garden Gardening Advice and Tips
Rod Smith has a garden and is a certified nursery professional and he wants to share some information and advice with you. Rod has written an article titled The Art of Home Gardening and it is featured on his site. His gardening advice includes, landscape design, improving soil, plant nutrients, planting in clay soil and edible landscaping. He produces a list of Monthly Gardening Tips and a Calendar of Color. His site also features an impressive list of useful links.

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