Resources for Better Gardening (13)

The Magic Garden
The Magic Garden site provides weekly lawn & garden tips in the form of a Q&A. Gardeners write in with questions and The Magic Garden responds with advice and tips. The Magic Garden also offers cartoons, library of answers to your lawn and garden questions, and links to other garden sites.

Apps to Help You Plan Your Garden is a great resource for all things gardening in the US and the UK. Run by UK-based company Growing Interactive, the website features innovative gardening applications that can be run on PC, Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Mac and PC users can get help in designing their gardens thru the Vegetable Garden Planner app, while iPhone and iPad users can download the Garden Plan Pro from the Apple App Store. These apps not only help gardeners in laying out their garden plans; they also give information about when to plant, give expert garden advice, provide planting reminders, and offer high-quality customer support.

Al's Gardening Guide
Welcome to Al&s Gardening Guide, full of gardening tips and advice and an excellent guide for the novice gardener. There are sections on lawn, shrubbery and garden design. Al provides a calendar that describes the types of gardening you should do during each month. For instance, February is a good time to prune fruit trees. Al also provides some landscaping hints, such as suggesting that a container of potted annuals or perennials can enhance your garden.

Include an Outdoor Water Fountain to Make Your Home a Happy Haven for Birds
When the days start getting shorter, people start to think about spending more time indoors. Birds that winter in snowy climates don't have this luxury, but that doesn't mean that you can't make the area around your home a safe haven for your feathered friends during the cold winter months. From placing well-stocked feeders out to adding outdoor water fountains, birdbaths, or a pond, you can get tips for attracting birds to your home on a year-round basis. If you put up a bird house, you may find that you have some small tenants taking up residence before too long.

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