Resources for Better Gardening (12)

Black & Decker Gardening Advice
Project & Advice section of the Black & Decker website is massive and, as you would, a lot of the information here is of interest to gardeners. Here you can get great gardening advice on and learn about useful tools for such endeavors as lawn care, hedge care, tree care and garden tidy. The side has How-to videos, step-by-step articles, before & after feature articles, and a discussion area for tips and advice. In addition to the advice, Black & Decker will also recommend products that may help you to create or maintain your garden.

The Gardener's Network: The Information Site for Gardening
This site is truly and information source for all types of gardening. The home page features an index of suppliers, feature stories and general information. Among the links provided, you'll find recipes, dealing with pests, how to attract wild birds to your garden, and links to many other topical sites.

Gardening Tips & Advice from Merrifield Garden Center
Merrifield Garden Center says it's more than a store: We're a learning center for gardeners of all abilities. This colorful and useful website about gardening has it all, including instructional videos, free seminars and even a TV show. Do you have a gardening question? Ask the experts. Utilize the gardening calculators to help you figure out how much fertilizer, limestone, seed, nitrogen or sulfur you'll need when starting your garden. The garden shop will help you purchase the tools you need to keep a great garden. Check out the tip of the day, find the nearest nursery, browse the bookstore, or check out the online plant guide.

Growing Hydroponic Plants as a Hobby
This website features a circular about hydroponics. It is titled "Hydroponics as a Hobby: Growing Plants Without Soil." The circular includes many topics such as what is required from hydroponic plant growth, an overview of hydroponic systems, water culture, aquaculture, aggregate culture, aeroponics, continuous flow systems, seed germination and nutrient germination. Also included is a section about nutrient deficiencies and hydroponic experiments.

Institute for Simplified Hydroponics
Based in Oregon, The Institute for Simplified Hydroponics is a 501-C(3) non-profit corporation and international non-government organization (NGO) founded in 1995. The group is committed to long-term sustainable development projects and our relationships with sponsors, contributors and collaborators. Countless dedicated grassroots volunteers provide educational materials and supplies, support mentoring programs for teaching simplified hydroponics. The organization's mission is to provide support for those people who are most in need. The institute estimates that there are 200 million families that could benefit from home gardens based on simplified hydroponics.

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