Resources for Better Gardening (11)

Garden Tips from Garden Gate Magazine
Garden Gate Magazine provides a whole host of gardening tips from design to maintenance to project ideas. What do know how to build a heavy-duty tomato cage? Been meaning to winterize your container plants? Want to know the best way to care for house plants? Need to hide vertical faucets with planters? This site has all the answers. The site also has forums where participants can discuss various gardening issues, such as pests, weeds, plants, edibles, design, and more.

Hydroponic Gardening Lessons
Because hydroponics incorporates so many facets of basic science, including biology, botany and chemistry, this website offers useful resources for teaching about hydroponics. Many lesson plans are available on the following topics: introduction to hydroponics, hydroponic history, constructing and building a hydroponics system, meeting the needs of hydroponic plants, hydroponic plant nutrient requirements and plant testing, hydroponic seed germination, photosynthesis and light, botany introduction, biological pest control and the business and industry of hydroponics.

Gardening and Landscaping Tips from
Gardening on is an online destination provides articles and resources on the topics of gardening and landscaping. For instance, read an article on gardening with allergies or a special report on what gardeners are at risk for. Spider and snake bits can occur while gardening, and gardeners should be careful to not get pesticide or fungicide poisoning. There are always lots of feature articles and interesting information pieces on very specific topics on this site.

Do-It-Yourself Garden Projects
This website will tell you the best plants to grown in your garden, what your plants need to be fed and tips on how to keep those pests away. A special feature is run each month on topics like secret gardens or laying a brick walkway or patio. Other garden sections include, wildlife issues, garden maintenance, ponds and water gardens, green houses, fences, and scrubs and trees. Complete projects are described, how-tos are given and tips and tricks are provide on this site.

George Pattensons Hydroponics Questions and Answers
Hydroponic gardening is a method of growing plants, without soil, by providing food and water directly to the roots of the plant. By doing so, we eliminate the need for the root system to expand looking for food and water, so the energy normally used by the plant to search for food is used for faster upward growth and fruit production. Because there aren't competing root systems, you can grow significantly more plants using hydroponics in a given area than those grown in soil. In addition, you can recirculate the water and nutrients, so hydroponic gardening ends up using a fraction of the water, with no fertilizer run-off. This website includes questions such as: what are the different types of hydroponic systems and what is a hydroponic medium.

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