Resources for Better Gardening (10)

The Internet's Garden Community
The site features the Garden Web Forums, which is known as the largest community of gardeners on the Internet. A HortiPlex Plant Database houses plant images and data as well as links to other information sources. You stumble across a calendar of garden events and a glossary of botanical terms. If you are a new gardener, check out Sabrina's Gardening Tips.

Hydroponics Information
There is some good how-to information on of about hydroponic gardening and growth. The site features information about the benefits of hydroponic food production, hydroponic growing techniques, modern greenhouse production, and hydroponics science projects. Also included is a section about hydroponic basics, the history of hydroponics, beginning hydroponic gardening, aquatics, science projects, tips, preparing a hydroponic garden for winter, pH acid bases, nutrient mixing and common problems with hydroponic gardening. Great resources and a useful hydroponic gardening question and answer section.

Garden Seeker
Helpful garden information and advice is what you'll find at Garden Seeker. Help topics include, plants, lawn, landscape, pruning, decks, and fencing. Focused on the United Kingdom, the site provides a list of tree surgeons, turf growers, landscapers and deck builders. Check out the Garden Seeker magazine, swap shop, or the Garden Talk forum.

Hydroponics and Indoor Gardening Worldwide
This website offers resources on hydroponics and indoor gardening. This magazine offers informative articles about summer greenhouse production, factors that can influence and promote hydroponic growth, hydroponic gardening for profit and the market for hydroponics in creating aromatherapy and essential oils. Other sections include carbon dioxide equipment, ducts and vents, filters, fans, growth promoters, growing containers, hydroponic lighting, organic gardening, pest control, timers, water treatment, rooting hormones and ballasts.

Gardener's Paradise
Do you want to be able to "reap the treasures of your garden" throughout the entire year? You have found the right site. Indoor and outdoor gardening can be a very satisfying experience. Gardener's Paradise provides monthly garden reminders, recipes, crafts and tips. You'll find a lot of ways to enhance your gardening experience. Garden Trivia provides interesting tidbits of information about garden plants or critters. Learn about fresh cut flowers. Or check out the market for great buys on seeds, plants, containers or accessories.

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