Resources for Better Gardening (08)

P. Allen Smith Gardens' Tips and Solutions
This visually pleasing site brings you fresh ideas from the garden. In addition to offering helpful tips through his gardening television show, P. Allen Smith also brings you tips and advice through his website and newsletter. Find out what is growing in Allen's lush garden. Or click on P. Allen Smith's garden home journal. The informative site features a garden home product guide, in addition to featured recipes. Also, learn how to apply Allen's garden design projects to your own garden home.

Basic Grow Light Information for Indoor Gardening
This article can help growers find the best grow light for their hydroponic garden growing needs. For example, it discusses how T5 fixtures are great for all vegetative growth. And HID lighting is recommended for larger plants like vegetables and big flowering plants. It discusses how LED lighting is the newest form of horticultural lighting. A chart to help growers see how intense their lighting needs to be, as well as a list of common plants to help them determine the footcandles of grow lights is included.

Plant Man Gardening Tips & Advice
The ProGardenBiz Landscape & Garden Magazine caters to the green industry. Subscribe to ProGardenBiz, it's free! The Plant Man writes articles for the magazine on such garden topics as Transplants Make Tree Planting Easier & More Successful. Features include irrigation time savers, installing a water garden, and creative railroad ties. The Plant Man offers gardening Tips & Advice as well. ProGardenBiz features over 40 articles, columns, news and tips in each issue. If you missed an issue, you can check out the archives. In addition to the magazine, the site features resources, products & services, community and ask the experts.

Royal Gateway to Gardening
The Royal Horticultural Society has put together this site that contains a plethora of information about gardening. Special topics include gardens through time, gardening and the environment, and your garden. Special RHS features include the plant selector, plant finder, garden finder and event finder. You can join the RHS for even more garden benefits and information. Or just check out the sites' advice, research, events, education and publications.

Hydroponics for Beginners
You've seen those "for Dummies" books; here is a website with hydroponic garden growing information for beginners. The term "hydroponic" comes from Latin and means "working water". In reality, hydroponic is the growing of plants without dirt. Today, the technology is widely used to grow lush, healthy indoor plants and premium vegetables, fruits and herbs. The physiological requirements of plants can be met without the use of soil or natural sunlight. Plants are rooted (and thus supported) in an inert medium and nutrition is provided by water-soluble mineral elements. Sections on this website include choosing a hydroponic system, growing mediums, nutrients, and a history of hydroponics.

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