Resources for Better Gardening (07)

Ultimate Succulent Guide: Care, Cost and Kinds
Anyone who is interested in planting and caring for succulents will gain a lot of information from this guide. It discusses what succulents are and what the different varieties are, and gives ample information on their proper care and how much it will cost to start a succulent hobby. The resource explains that cacti are not the only succulents, as there are many kinds of succulents. They can be indoor and outdoor succulents, potted, terrarium, hanging and potted succulents, flowering succulents, and faux succulents. Other topics in the guide include watering and propagating these easy-to-grow plants, the kind of soil and the amount of sunlight they need, and even where to buy them.

The Garden Watchdog Directory of Mail Order Gardening Companies
Gardening is no easy feat, especially for those who are just beginning to get into the hobby. "Where do I buy gardening supplies?" is perhaps one of the first question someone who wants to begin a garden would ask. Of course, a simple Google search can do the trick, but that does not guarantee the best gardening paraphernalia supplier. Fortunately, one can refer to The Garden Watchdog, which gathers together the information of almost 8,000 mail order gardening companies. Whatís great about this directory is that it also shows the positive, negative, and neutral reviews of the gardening companies, as well as information on the kind of plants or gardening supplies each company specializes in.

Gardening Tips Index
From A-Z, you will find a whole host of gardening tips on this useful website. Thinking about pruning your apple tree? Considering growing garlic? Not sure what to do about ground squirrels? Well, this site has all the answers. The tips are arranged alphabetically and each tip lists the month. Once you click on a tip, the site will take you to another page that is filled with information and extra resources pertaining to that particular tip. Go ahead, check it out; it's almost guaranteed that you'll find what you are looking for here! The site also features garden events, best picks, publications, garden links and projects.

A Miracle in Hydroponic Growth
Miracle farms is a hydroponics complex in Canada. The main goal of the company in charge of the hydroponics project has been to create a commercially-viable hydroponics greenhouse complex capable of energy-efficient, year-around fresh food production in severely cold or hot climates. All of the scientifical research and monitoring information is updated on this website. The website includes a tour of the hydroponics complex, and the company running it also offers hydroponic complex consulting. Visitors to the site can take a tour of the hydroponics complex, which uses the Nutrient Film Technique.

Look to Arbor Day Foundation for Tree Planting Tips
The Arbor Day Foundation offers visitors to its site detailed instructions to help them select and plant a tree properly. The useful information posted here doesn't stop with simply putting the tree in the ground; the site also contains tips and hints about using mulch, watering the tree and how and when to prune it, as well as identifying pests that can wreak havoc on it.

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