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Grow Your Own Garden
This site, called Grow Your Own Garden says it all with its title. This comprehensive site has seed catalogs, tools and accessories and outdoor patio furniture for sale, plus it offers many tips and advice articles. Topics include flowers, vegetables and herbs, gardening accessories and tools, outdoor patios and décor, shrubs, trees and lawns, and container gardening. Each topic features many articles to choose from. If you are looking for something specific, chances are you'll find it here. Want to know how to grow herbs easily? Thinking about planting basil? Look no further, help is here.

Gardening Advice from the Royal Horticultural Society
Botanists, entomologists, plant pathologists, plant physiologists and soil scientists work closely with a team of experienced general horticultural advisers. Together they respond to the scientific and advisory needs of RHS members. The site contains information on a wide range of topics to help with your gardening. Learn about brown leaves on trees, camellias, popular plants, popular horticultural topics, garden design or weather conditions.

Gardening Tips and Timesavers
This unique sites claims that you may find some never-before-seen gardening tips here. With that claim, it's worth checking out! The helpful gardening tips are provided by gardeners from all over the world. Submit your own if you like! The tips include advice on everything from fencing boards to what to do if you run out of plant labels. Read through these original garden tips and you are sure to find some advice that you hadn't thought of before. When you are done, you can check out other household tips.

Indoor Plant Grow Lights
Horticultural lighting systems allow you to extend the growing season by providing your plants with an indoor equivalent to sunlight. This is a great advantage for those who want a year-round supply of fresh flowers, veggies and herbs. Artificial lighting is also a great way to jump-start spring by starting your seedlings months ahead of the last frost. There are three main types of horticultural lighting systems. This website gives a little detail about metal halide lighting, high pressure sodium lighting and fluorescent plant grow lights.

Home & Family Gardening Tips
The Home & Family Network has set up an area of their site to give browsers an opportunity to learn about gardening. Within this gardening area, you'll find zone maps, garden plans and a plant and flower index to help you create a garden that you'll love to look at every day. The Gardening basics section gives tips about tools, tags, fertilizers and mulches. You'll come across landscaping tips, garden projects and a plan-a-garden that lets you create a yard on your computer. So, click on over to this site and begin to explore all they have to offer.

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