Resources for Better Gardening (04)

Gardening Articles by Diane Linsley
Flowers bring color to the world, which is why many people want to grow them. But growing flowering plants is more than just putting seeds in a pot of soil, watering them and then waiting for them to sprout. Growing and keeping a flower garden can be a big challenge for the uninitiated. Fortunately, one can find a wealth of information in this resource, which provides links to articles by Diane Linsey. Article topics include seed sowing, the purpose of flowering plants, ideas for designing a flower garden, plants that are grown for special conditions, and gardening advice. One will surely have n easier time starting a garden with this resource. Educational Information for Gardening is the educational resource of Victory Seeds, a company that offers high quality open-pollinated and heirloom seeds to customers. But more than just selling seeds, the company aims to protect these seed varieties, to continue propagating plants, and to ensure the continuous growth of plant diversity in the planet. Through this educational guide, one can find the tools and information he needs to help protect seeds and plant diversity. This resource offers links to different major topics such as seeds, gardening, weather, nutritional information on vegetables and the history of Victory Seeds, among others. These topics are then divided into subtopics which include seed germination, U.S. frost dates, recipes, and more.

31 Gardening Resources for Beginners by Accidental Hippies
Gardening is not just a pleasurable and relaxing hobby; it also paves the way for a better, more productive, self-sufficient and sustainable life. This is why interest in gardening has been growing steadily. However, it can be difficult to know where or how to start. Fortunately, Accidental Hippies provides beginning gardeners 31 online gardening resources in this lengthy post. Here one can find links to online courses, beginner guides, container gardening, and a permaculture and garden planning. These links give information on gardening mistakes, homesteading, the cost of starting and keeping a garden, garden basics and a whole lot more.

Winter Hydroponic Gardening Lights
An informative article about using grow lights in the winter to grow plants. Like heating systems, greenhouse lighting offers undisputed benefits to the growth of crops in winter. Recreating summer's warmth and sunlight via artificial means, can trick most crops into continuing production right through their usual dormant season. For growers, however, the lights can be pricey, so this article discusses whether it's worth the money to invest in indoor lighting technology.

Do You Want to Install a Garden Fountain or a Pool? Get the 411 Here!
When you want to get the facts about installing outdoor fountains, pools, ponds, or streams, Ortho's All About Garden Pools and Fountains is a great resource. This book covers how to choose the best location for these important parts of your garden, how to accent your water accessories with vegetation, and how to design a waterfall that will best complement the layout in your yard. Along with advice from professionals, you will see a list of resources for purchasing supplies for your water garden.

Gardening Tips & Tricks for Every Season
This section on the site Irish Country Living is by top gardeners Gerry Daly and Lily Champ, who share their advice for flower and vegetable care. It's a great online gardening resource to get up to date on gardening news, or try out seasonal tasks. There is also a video and audio section providing the latest from Farmers Journal TV.This simple site packs in a lot of information in an easy-to-use format. Log on and start your garden education.

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