Resources for Better Gardening (04)

Gay Gardening Index
This unique site says it is a collection of gardening knowledge wit and wisdom. This beautifully laid out site features monthly tips and information, along with a column by the Adequate Gardener. Every month this site chooses a plant to profile. The Tip of the Month feature is another extremely useful tool. There is much to learn here at this site, so grab a drink and keep surfing. You'll come across a monthly to-do list, garden links and resources, home and garden news, garden poems & quotes, garden FAQ and even a garden forum. Check out the events calendar and the features articles if you want more information. This is the site that just keeps on giving!

Classroom Hydroponics
More and more people are using hydroponic lessons in the classroom to teach students about the basic principles of science. This is a useful lesson from the National Gardening Association that includes a break-down of lessons and photographs. From an introduction, to a chapter about meeting plant needs through factors such as nutrients and pH, to planting advice, the course also has a chapter about hydroponic systems. It includes a number of school setups for children to grow hydroponic plants, including Styrofoam, milk cartons and soda bottles. There are classroom stories and more to illustrate using hydroponic gardening to teach science in the classroom.

Gardens and Horticulture Index Page
The United States National Arboretum has developed this garden index that contains topics such as, Garden displays, collections and structures, map of arboretum grounds, What&s Blooming, Hort Hot Spots, Gardening Questions and Answers, Gardening Page, Arboretum Photo Gallery, Pest Management, Plant Introductions and Releases, USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, Plant Sources, List of state trees and flowers, and a new invasive plants page. Learn about Arboretum information, events & education, gardens & horticulture, and research activities.

Winter Hydroponic Gardening Lights
An informative article about using grow lights in the winter to grow plants. Like heating systems, greenhouse lighting offers undisputed benefits to the growth of crops in winter. Recreating summer's warmth and sunlight via artificial means, can trick most crops into continuing production right through their usual dormant season. For growers, however, the lights can be pricey, so this article discusses whether it's worth the money to invest in indoor lighting technology.

Do You Want to Install a Garden Fountain or a Pool? Get the 411 Here!
When you want to get the facts about installing outdoor fountains, pools, ponds, or streams, Ortho's All About Garden Pools and Fountains is a great resource. This book covers how to choose the best location for these important parts of your garden, how to accent your water accessories with vegetation, and how to design a waterfall that will best complement the layout in your yard. Along with advice from professionals, you will see a list of resources for purchasing supplies for your water garden.

Gardening Tips & Tricks for Every Season
This section on the site Irish Country Living is by top gardeners Gerry Daly and Lily Champ, who share their advice for flower and vegetable care. It's a great online gardening resource to get up to date on gardening news, or try out seasonal tasks. There is also a video and audio section providing the latest from Farmers Journal TV.This simple site packs in a lot of information in an easy-to-use format. Log on and start your garden education.

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