Resources for Better Gardening (03)

Gardening Tips and Advice from Blossom Swap
The Blossom Swap website features a gardening tip area where members can share their knowledge and garden experiences through a selection of articles that offer helpful tips and gardening advice. You can try the garden forum, if you have a garden-related question. A community of gardeners share a wealth of information daily in this forum. Some recent tips include how to start a compost pile and using houseplants to purify the air. In addition to tips, you'll find a seed exchange area, info on garden design, and a monthly newsletter. A colorful section also features flower pictures from gardeners who frequent this site.

The Gardener's Web Resource
Billed as a a gardener's web resource, this helpful tool contains many gardening articles. Click on the directories menu items and you'll find a great search tool that will allow you to search six different categories: plants, maintainance, features, leisure, reference and services. The site also features a humor section, Q&As, Spotlight On various topics or products, Tips & Tricks, an Exchange area for gardeners looking for certain seeds or items and Links.

Garden Power
Master gardener Joe Sherinski runs this informational gardening site for aspiring and advanced gardeners alike. Check out the advice he dispenses in the Ask Joe section. Learn about his gardening background by reading About Joe, who is also a host of a garden show on the Home & Leisure Network. Gardening FAQs feature 20 of the most frequently asked questions Joe gets. For easy access, there is a quick link to a lot of the topics that appear in the FAQ. Click on over to Joe's Gardening Tips and learn about curb appeal, pets & plants, bugs, slugs & other thugs, and even lawn care 101. You could spend a few days exploring all the information that is contained on this site. A useful search tool always helps you find what you are looking for.

Consider Water Fountains and Arbors for Uour Outdoor Hardscaping
Keith Davitt's book, Hardscaping: How to Use Structures, Pathways, Patios & Ornaments in Your Garden, shows you how to take your garden to the next level by moving beyond simply planting a few flowers and shrubs to incorporating some other objects in your outdoor space. Discover how to add interest to your garden by adding a bird bath, a water fountain, or an arbor to your existing design. The result will be a balanced, harmonious space that you will be pleased to have your friends and relatives coming over to spend time in.
This cleverly titled site ( features a variety of information about gardening. This special site, dedicated to the memory of Evy McGinness, who started it, features a plant of the week and wildflowers and weeds of the week. In the FAQ, many gardening hints are provided as are answers to many gardening questions. A photography section features information on how to photograph flowers. There are interviews with famous gardeners, a garden glossary, plant search, and a whole host of tips, hints and suggestions. It is obviously that Evy took pride in her gardening and wanted to pass along her knowledge to others who shared the same passion.

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