Resources for Better Gardening (03)

Native Plants Database by National Audubon Society
The National Audubon Society is an organization that aims to protect the birds of the Americas and their habitats. The organization does this through on-the-ground conservation, advocacy, and education. This resource is one of Audubonís initiatives in making people more aware about bringing birds into their respective homes by planting native plants that serve as natural habitats for different bird species. To access the database, one only needs to enter his email address and 5-digit U.S. zip code. The database lists the best plants for birds that live in the area, a wealth of information about the said birds and plants, as well as local resources and tips about making the area more bird-friendly.

The Gardener's Web Resource
Billed as a a gardener's web resource, this helpful tool contains many gardening articles. Click on the directories menu items and you'll find a great search tool that will allow you to search six different categories: plants, maintainance, features, leisure, reference and services. The site also features a humor section, Q&As, Spotlight On various topics or products, Tips & Tricks, an Exchange area for gardeners looking for certain seeds or items and Links.

MustardPlaster Garden Blog
MustardPlaster is a log of the planting activities of a certain Miss Hathorn, who has chosen to remain anonymous. The blog records the authorís crops, her harvests, and pretty much every notable thing that happens in her garden. The blog, which contains entries from as early as October 2006, can be a rich source of gardening ideas and tips. It also makes for an entertaining read, as the blog entries are written in a simple way that the reader feels like he is talking to a friend. Topics discussed in the blog include root vegetables, tubers, shrubbery, seeds, the weather, and many more.

Consider Water Fountains and Arbors for Uour Outdoor Hardscaping
Keith Davitt's book, Hardscaping: How to Use Structures, Pathways, Patios & Ornaments in Your Garden, shows you how to take your garden to the next level by moving beyond simply planting a few flowers and shrubs to incorporating some other objects in your outdoor space. Discover how to add interest to your garden by adding a bird bath, a water fountain, or an arbor to your existing design. The result will be a balanced, harmonious space that you will be pleased to have your friends and relatives coming over to spend time in.

Tiny Farm Blog
Tiny Farm Blog is a record of how a two-acre piece of land was turned into a tiny farm, hence the name. Anyone who wants to start a farm would surely find not just information but also inspiration from this blog. Blog topics include animals, building and fixing, cooking and eating, farm research, harvesting, pests and diseases, seed starting, and many more. Although the latest entry was in January 2017, readers would still find a lot of information from the blog. Some of the blog entries discuss winter farming, protecting greens, growing greenhouse lettuce, shopping for seeds, and a book about soil management.

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