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Earthly Pursuits Garden Tips
This site had an idea: publish old-fashioned gardening tips, tricks and wisdom from the 18-20th centuries. These tips were taken from books, magazines, pamphlets and other writings. The index of tips includes four categories: vegetable tips, organic insect & weed control tips, miscellaneous tips, and handy devices. For instance, there is a 1918 article on making pumpkins grow fast and a 1888 article on driving nails into hard wood. This site offers a unique way to tackle a problem or improve your garden. This site also has features on companion planting, recipes, and has a list of flowers and their meanings. This is a simple site with a lot of information.

Get the Scoop on Fire Pot Placement and More
If you have just purchased your first fire pot, check out these helpful guidelines. You will find safety tips and suggestions about where to place your fire pot, as well as the proper procedure for lighting the fire pot for the first time. Firepots must be cleaned regularly to work properly, and you can find detailed instructions for doing so on the site as well.

Hydroponics Forum
This is a forum where you can post questions relating to hydroponics and get answers from other hydroponic gardeners. Good hydroponic gardening tips are also available. Topics include, drip timing, nutrient problems, curly tomato leaves, indoor micro-green production, algae control, ozone generators, growing plants, hydroponic lamps and water temperatures.

Gardening Tasks of the Month
The nursery manager at Cole Hardware offers suggested gardening tasks for each month on this site. Rick Karp offers monthly tips to browsers such as, clearing brush and weeds away from home to avoid fire hazards and when cutting roses, cut back to a branch with five leaves. Download the PDF files. The Expert Advice page has other handy tips and advice and links to other information. Keep checking back for tips as this is monthly and the advise is regional. You can also check out archives of other features.

Garden Advice
Garden Advice was created to support others' gardening endeavors. Their staff has over 180 years combined gardening experience and if you become a member of this site, they are all available to you free of charge by email, telephone or mail. Here are some of the things that come with the free membership: free priority advice by email, free video gardening calendar email, free CD-Rom and quarterly magazine, special offers for members only. Register today and start getting your gardening tips and growing your knowledge. Garden Advice also offers a lot of how-tos and sample garden projects. Take some time to browse the entire site and you'll find almost anything you are looking for.

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