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Top Tips for Garden Lighting
Gardens are becoming an important part of a home, not only because of their function but also because of the way they enhance the living experience. But unlike the homeís interiors, a garden does not need to be lit up entirely; at night, one can decide which parts to illuminate and which areas to be left in the shadows. In this article, one can read about lighting tips and tricks that will surely bring out the beauty of a garden. Tips include making sure that the LED lights used in the garden match, that cables are hidden, and that all connections are sealed.

Growing & Gardening Section of the Extension Website
Gardens and Landscapes is one of the four sections of the Lawn and Garden resource area of, a website rich in resources and tools geared toward helping the members of the United States Cooperative Extension System, as well as Land-Grant institutions. This resource contains links to webinars on garden management, disease resistance in plants, and slug and snail management, among others. One can also read articles featuring topics such as indoor plants, fruits, flowers, vegetables, lawns, landscaping, garden calendars, gardening tips, and more. The resource also features answers to trending questions, and a section showing the organizationís latest tweets.

Hydroponics Forum
This is a forum where you can post questions relating to hydroponics and get answers from other hydroponic gardeners. Good hydroponic gardening tips are also available. Topics include, drip timing, nutrient problems, curly tomato leaves, indoor micro-green production, algae control, ozone generators, growing plants, hydroponic lamps and water temperatures.

Skippy's Vegetable Garden
Skippy's Vegetable Garden is a journal chronicling the gardening adventures of Kathy, a biochemist. Kathy was also the owner of Skippy, a Portuguese water dog who thought that Kathyís vegetable gardens were his. Kathy writes about growing vegetables and fruits, as well as raising chickens and bees. In this journal she tells about maintaining her gardens using sustainable and organic methods in an easy to understand manner - readers feel like they are just listening to a friend talking about her plants. Her entries include topics such as the vegetables she plants, her harvests, and anything and everything that has something to do with her gardens.

Garden Advice
Garden Advice was created to support others' gardening endeavors. Their staff has over 180 years combined gardening experience and if you become a member of this site, they are all available to you free of charge by email, telephone or mail. Here are some of the things that come with the free membership: free priority advice by email, free video gardening calendar email, free CD-Rom and quarterly magazine, special offers for members only. Register today and start getting your gardening tips and growing your knowledge. Garden Advice also offers a lot of how-tos and sample garden projects. Take some time to browse the entire site and you'll find almost anything you are looking for.

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