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History of Ping Pong
Like many other sports, table tennis began as a mild social diversion. Descending, along with lawn tennis and badminton, from the ancient medieval game of tennis. It was popular in England in the second half of the nineteenth century under its present name and various trade names such as Gossima and Whiff-Whaff. After the name Ping-Pong (an imitation of the sound made by the ball striking the table and the vellum bats that were used) was introduced by J. Jaques and Son, the game became a fashionable craze. There are many contemporary references to it and illustrations of it being played, usually in domestic surroundings. Modern table tennis at national and international level is a rigorous as any sport in its demands for the highest degree of physical fitness and mental concentration, attained only by arduous training to develop natural skill. Fred Perry, World Men's Singles Table Tennis Champion in 1928-29, later achieved even greater fame at Wimbledon; perhaps it would not be quite true to say that he moved to the larger court when his play became too slow for the table, but it is certainly true that no sport requires faster reactions and more delicate muscular co-ordination than table tennis.

How to Play Foosball
Here is a brief but thorough explanation of foosball rules. Rules include information about balls, time limits, keeping score, using goalies, illegal shots, angles, opponents, defense and offense. Includes what to avoid when playing foosball, and ideas for a better game.

Playing Pool
Site features pool information including billiards news, pool downloads, RSB Rogues gallery, pool hall websites, billiard links, fargo tournaments, downloads, a pool store, pool classifieds, pool tournament finder, pool hall finder, a pool tournament manager, amateur physics for the amateur pool player, a top 10 section and more. Up to date pool news is featured, as are pool opportunities.

Air Hockey
This site for Air Hockey in Dallas is a very informative site on air hockey rules, games, tables, variations, care and repair of air hockey tables, and events - no matter where you live. There's also a link to an air hockey web ring, for a chance for discussion and message posting amongst air hockey buffs and enthusiasts. The sections on rules use official rules from the USAA covering fouls and scoring, mallets, pucks, player conduct, referee authority, etc. - More than one would ever want to know about air hockey on this one site.

Here's the site:

Or see samples of the game of pool/billiards.

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