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Bicycle riding is one of the best physical exercises there are – it is easy, enjoyable, economical, and is chockfull of health benefits. This is why cycling is increasingly becoming the sport of choice for many people. Central to regularly riding a bike is owning one, but with the many types of bikes with different models and prices how is one – especially a beginner – to choose which bicycle to get? In this article, Jeff Balton gives a comprehensive guide to selecting the right bike. Included in the guide are different bike types such as mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrid bikes; the right price range; bike models; bike sizes; as well as things to consider in riding and maintaining a bicycle.

How to Ride Rollers When Cycling
Many road cyclists buy indoor trainers without considering rollers. While you do have to learn how to ride rollers, they have several advantages. Besides helping to improve your spin and your bike-handling skills, rollers aren't nearly as boring to use as regular trainers, according to this article. Steps to ride rollers include adjusting rollers for the bike you are using. You do not want the front drum to be just ahead of the front hub. Make sure the tires are in good condition. When you ride rollers, you won't have momentum. If you do fall off at speed, you won't fly at a speed rate, you'll simply flop over. Start riding in high gear. When you improve you can pedal in very low gears.

Reasons to Love Mountain Biking
To the uninitiated, mountain biking seems to be a very difficult sport. But this should not faze those who want to get into mountain biking, a sport that involves riding a bicycle off-road. This means riding over rough terrain with the use of bicycles specially designed for such purpose. Mountain biking comes in different categories that suit different kinds of riders. Categories include cross-country, downhill, four cross, trail riding, freeride, dirt jumping, and all mountain. This resource from British Cycling offers all the things one needs to know about mountain biking, such as venues, events, bikes, kits and clothing, and a whole lot more.

Maintaining Your Bicycle
Here are some valuable tips for properly maintaining your bicycle. Keep your chain, chainrings, freewheel, and derailleur's jockey wheels as clean as possible. These parts of the bike create much of the mechanical resistance that slows you down. When nuts and bolts are not tightened properly, they can loosen up, so it's important to check on them. Two troublesome areas are the handlebar binder bolt and seat binder bolt. Aero bars put severe twisting forces on handlebars when you hit a bump and often pivot, drooping down. More tips are available so you can maintain your bicycle properly for a triathlon race.

International Bicycling News
Stay updated with bicycling news from across the globe. This website features news stories and articles that are frequently updated, as well as interviews with cycling pros such as Fast Freddie, Nathan O'Neill, the Giro Podium Girls, and other cycling pros. Learn tips to improve cycling, and browse the toolbox training section to do so. A section of bicycling travel and tours is also available to help you connect with other bicyclers and athletes.

Comfort Bikes VS. Hybrid Bikes
Bike riding is undoubtedly one of the best physical exercises there are. Depending on the type of cyclist, riding can either be a leisurely way to go sightseeing or an extreme workout. Anyone who’s interested in biking is - of course - thinking of getting their own bikes, but more often than not, they do not know which type to buy. Experienced cyclists know their way around bikes, so choosing which bike to get is easier for them. This article is for beginner cyclists who have less complicated requirements in getting a bike. It compares and contrasts comfort and hybrid bikes and lists the uses and benefits of each type.

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