For Collectors of Area Rugs

Metropolitan Carpet Gallery
The Metropolitan Carpet Gallery is located in New York. Antique Oriental rugs are featured as well as the following rugs: Bergama, Chenil, Chinese, Hamadan, Bigjov, Ikat, Kirman, Hession, Mudjar, Yezd, ChiChi, Belouch, Art Deco, Kazak, Tapestry, Shirvan, Tekke and more. Rug appraisal, rug cleaning, rug restoration, rug storage, and antique rugs trade also available. Includes links to the Hajji Baba Club, American Conference on Oriental Rugs, Armenian Rugs and Carpets and rug antique shows.

Presentation on Oriental Rugs
This is a detailed exposition on oriental rugs by the Islamic Arts and Architecture Organization. Explains in detail the historical and cultural significance of Arabic calligraphy. It is very rich with information illustrated with examples of dozens of calligraphic works. Includes Turkish, Persian and Caucasian rugs.

Austrian Society for Textile-Art-Research
This non-profit association was founded in Vienna in 1982 with the mission of advancing the research and deepening the knowledge of the textile arts and to publish their findings and present them at various symposia and international conferences on ethnological textile arts and Oriental carpets.

The Baluch Rugs Weaving
Beluchistan is an area that formerly produced some of the most interesting and high quality rugs of the East—a country of desolate character, with a lot of sandy, waterless waste stretches. Their rugs were woven on crudely made looms, and do not look at all similar to the artistic, floral Indian weaves to the east or those of Kirman to the west. Interestingly, they're also not closely related to the Turkoman rugs, though they are frequently grouped with them. One could say that Baluch rugs exhibit individuality reflective of the isolated condition of the country and rarely colored with aniline dyes. This article talks about5 the history and origin of the Baluch tribes, the Baluch weaving culture, typical types of Baluch rugs, typical Baluch weaving colors, tent rugs, pillows, saddle bags and general purpose bags, and the types of rugs that were not produced by the Baluch.

San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society
Home page to the San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society, this site is informative for rug collectors and area residents. Articles about Ersari, Armenian exhibitions, curious fragment, Moghul rugs, mosaics, Syrian rugs, Afghan War rugs, and more. Includes pictures from the Heavenly Gardens exhibition, membership information and more for those interested in rugs and textiles.

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