Resources for Better Gardening

The Vegetable Patch
This handy-dandy organic vegetable gardening page provides practical information for gardeners looking for advice online. Sections in this useful site feature: vegetable, herb and fruit profiles, how to guides, discussion areas and regional gardening advice. Suggestions on preserving your harvest are also included for your information.

Plant Lighting Forum
Ask your own gardening grow light questions here, and get answers from other hydroponic gardeners. Topics include finding LED lights, reflector set ups, bulbs, grow light positioning, buying grow lights, indoor seedlings, light sockets, basic lighting questions, growing herbs under grow lights, fluorescent lights, beginning with grow lights and more. Valuable for gardeners of all types and levels.

Your Latest DIY Project: A Waterfall Garden Fountain
Adding a waterfall garden fountain to your back yard is a sure-fire way to create a space that is soothing and relaxing. Once you choose a style and location for your outdoor fountain, you can start to put the whole project together. Discover how to position a barrel for maximum effect, how to position the tubing for the water pump, and the steps you need to take to finish the job. Before you know it, you will have an outdoor fountain you can be proud of!

Garden Guides
Surf on over to Garden Guides and check out their guides, including the Flower Guide, Vegetable Guide and Herb Guide. This useful site has an article library full of features on gardening and a tips and techniques section that will help you become a great gardener. A discussion forum allows you to talk about your gardening experience with others. You can even get free content for your own garden website through Garden Guides. The site even has shopping resources and features info on seeds, books, bulbs and plants.

Gardening Tips from Gardening Jones
This really useful website lists a variety of gardening tips that are sure to help you create a wonderful garden. You can even submit a tip of your own. The bullet pointed tips include: don't plant basil with tomatoes, throw a few earthworms in your compost ever so often, and the peak time to pick herbs is first thing in the morning. Think those are interesting, click on over to see over a dozen more. The list is constantly growing and being updated. You can also check out the area of the site that gives you tips on starting seeds.

Gardens and Home Safety
Visit Home Safety for a plethora of tips and recommendations to make your home safe from all kinds of hazards, such as accidents and fires, plus special resources to promote a safer home for children and elders.

Grow Your Own Vegetables Without Soil
Growing plants without soil is known as hydroponics. This guide from the University of Florida explains the basics of hydroponics, including how water culture works, supporting plants so they grow as needed, providing aeration to plants and a nutrient solution for the water culture system. The nutrient flow technique, also known as NFT, is also discussed. This method uses a series of plastic tubing through which a nutrient solution is circulated around the roots of plants. Gravel is also known as an aggregate culture, and used in hydroponic systems. The guide gets technical toward the end with some tables to help you create a formula for a solution providing trace elements and a formula for preparing general-purpose nutrient solutions.

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