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What to Look for in a Calcium Supplement
Although many people know why calcium nutrition is important, and know the benefits of calcium supplements, it's sometimes hard to know what to look for in a calcium supplement and especially in children's calcium supplements. This article aims to give readers information they need to make smart calcium nutrition decisions. Calcium exists in nature only in combination with other substances, known as compounds. Several calcium nutrition compounds are used in calcium supplements and children's calcium supplements, such as calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and calcium citrate. These compounds contain different amounts of actual calcium nutrition, so it's important to read labels. It lists purity, tolerance, calcium interactions and absorbability as other aspects to consider when choosing a calcium supplement.

Osteoporosis Education A Priority In New York State
This site answers questions about osteoporosis. Included is how much calcium nutrition the average adult needs, how to get more calcium nutrition in your diet, and how to choose a calcium supplement. In addition to eating foods high in calcium, you can take a calcium supplement to get more calcium in your bones. Calcium nutrition and calcium supplements are not right for everyone; there are some considerations for calcium intake noted as well.

Calcium Nutrition May Prevent Hypertension Problems in Pregnant Women
This article discusses a new review that says expectant mothers may be able to prevent potentially serious medical problems by boosting their calcium nutrition intake-whether eating more foods rich in calcium or taking calcium supplements. The article describes the study focused on gestational hypertension (high blood pressure with pregnancy) and preeclampsia. Many pregnant women know to eat plenty of calcium food sources, and this verifies the use of calcium.

Calcium and Prevention of Pre-Eclampsia
Can calcium reduce the condition known as pre-eclampsia, which affects about 5 percent of all pregnant women? This Frequently Asked Questions on Calcium supplementation in preganancy for prevention of preeclampsia, on, discusses the issue. The World Health Organization currently recommends calcium supplentation, but there are many unanswered questions.

Preventing Kidney Stones: Is Calcium Reduction the Answer?
Calcium is widely noted when it comes to preventing kidney stones. But restricting your intake of calcium nutrition does not seem to lower the risk of kidney stones because when you eat calcium rich foods or take calcium supplements, the calcium binds with oxalates in the gastrointestinal tract so that oxalates can't be absorbed from the intestine and excreted by the kidney to form kidney stones

Excluding Hypertension, Review Finds Calcium Supplements Have No Benefit During Pregnancy
This is an article about a study that focused on the benefits of calcium supplements and calcium rich foods to prevent gestational hypertension (high blood pressure with pregnancy) and preeclampsia. The study says that the effects of calcium supplementation during preganancy are not clear. And while calcium during preganancy can prevent hypertension, it may not affect rates of preterm birth and low birth rate.

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